How Much should i pay for my child's fees per year?

If you are applying for the National Section fees will be:

17,500LE/year for Prekg Stage
19,500LE/year for kg Stage
21,500LE/year for Primary 1/3 Stage
21,500LE/year for Primary 4/6 Stage
22,500LE/year for Preparatory Stage
23,000LE/year for Secondary Stage

If you are applying for the American Section fees will be:

31,500LE/year for Prekg Stage
42,500LE/year for kg Stage
45,000LE/year for Grade-1/2 Stage
50,000LE/year for Grade-3/6 Stage
52,500LE/year for Grade-7/9 Stage
56,000LE/year for Grade-10/12 Stage

Can i Pay by installments?

Yes you may pay on 3 installments:

1st installment 40% of fees after acceptance
2nd installment 30% of fees in September
3rd installment remaining 30% of fees in December

Can be there any discounts?

yes! there is a 5% discount for cash payments.

When will the British Section get opened?

We will announce when available

Contact us:

working hours from 8am to 2pm

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